Why Slow Andes Roads?

We are adventure people, our passion is nature, remoteness, we are proud to be Chileans and happy to share our knowledge for a unique tour focus on you and your own rhythm.

Are you able to offer and organize trips in other places?

Yes! Of course, please inform your dates, places and activities you like to do and we will suggest a taylor made program.
There are certain places that I’d like to see in Chilean Patagonia that aren’t listed in your tours. Can you organize a custom trip for me?
Absolutely. Simply send us an email indicating where you would like to go and your potential travel dates, and we will work with you to build an itinerary that covers every destination you’d like to see..

Do you rent your Jeep for self-drive?

Yes, but in this case, you have to pay for an additional insurance

What kind of accommodations can we expect ?

We work with the best lodging options available in the route, usually exclusive places.
We look for places with own identity and specially local restaurants.

What is the suggested packing list, what do you provide?

Patagonia climate is unpredictable all year round, therefore we suggest to pack clothes for all types, from cold and rainy to hot and sunny. Bring layered clothing to keep warm and rain gear to keep dry and bath suites to enjoy thermal waters.
Include sunglasses, small day packs and neck scarfs are a good idea. We encourage you to bring cameras, GoPros, etc.
We provide rain coats, backpack, trekking poles.

What about altitude sicknes, Are we driving at high altitudes?

Here in southern Chile there are no high altitudes, highest 2.800m

Do I need to pay a deposit to guarantee my reservation?

Yes, we require 30% deposit 30 days before your arrival. The remaining balance is due upon arrival. You can pay in cash or major credit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow cancellations only 31 days prior to your tour start date. Our tours here in Patagonia involve a great deal of logistics and pre-planning due to the remote areas we travel and limited top quality accommodations, along with reservations specific to each tour that we ourselves have dead lines to adhere to should we have to cancel. 

Less than 29 days before arrival, no refund of the 30% of deposit.

What insurance do you have?

Our Jeep comes with the ¨Seguro Obligatorio Accidentes Personales¨. This is the mandatory insurance in Chile. It is 3rd party liability insurance.

We strongly suggest buying travel insurance in case of a medical emergency or should you have to cancel due to a family emergency, or encounter flight cancellations or departure delays. You can find a link and info about travel insurance for medical emergency coverage on the Horizons Unlimited website here, http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/links/medical-insurance.

How do I make a booking?

To join us in this adventure, please send us an email with your request, confirming your dates. To guarantee your reservation we request the 50% deposit. After payment we will send a questionnaire to know your preferences related to activities and also dietary.

Will everything go as planned on your tours?

Adventure is a combination of risk vs reward. While we will certainly make our best effort to keep our tours on track and avoid most potential travel issues, but we cannot guarantee that every trip will go exactly as planned every time.. Route changes and unscheduled stops are always welcome.

What languages do you speak?

We speak Spanish, English and German.

What's your policy regarding alcoholic beverages?

Chile has a zero tolerance law in regards to driving after drinking, this means 0% on the blow test if stopped the Police. If you drink you can not drive..

What is your security deposit system?

Only requested for self-drive, before departure and it is refundable once the tour is finished with no damage. It may vary, usually USD 2.000.-

Why go to Chile?

For the third consecutive year, Chile is recognized as the best adventure tourism destination in the world at the World Travel Awards that are considered the Oscars of the international tourism industry.
One region, in particular, rarely in the headlines yet without question worth a visit for intrepid travelers is Aysén Region, where few people live and even fewer people travel. Geographically isolated on all sides by mountains, fjords, and ocean, Aysén was the last place in South America that settlers arrived in, and it was the last region to join the country.